Maybe You're Not Going Abroad On Holiday.

Do You Need A Large Vehicle For :-

  • Weddings
  • Business Trips or Corporate Meetings
  • Football Away Trips
  • Family Day Trips
  • Transport To Holiday Camps
  • (Butlins or Camping Sites etc....)
  • Dart Teams

  • Also Don't Forget Christmas Activities. Shopping, Shows, Theatre Trips, You Name It We Can Transport You!!!

Pilgrim Pickups

Frequent Flyer Program

We at Pilgrim Pickups not only welcome new customers to our company, but also enjoy offering great value for money to existing customers with our

Pilgrim Pickups Frequent Flyer Program.

Meaning if you book 10x return trips with us, we will discount that trip by 15%

So get booking and start enjoying your holidays.

Let Us Transport You On Your Pilgrimage To The Sun!

Contact Us At :-

187 Ridgeway



(01752 773164)

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